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I participated in the inaugural Nikkei-FT fellowship programme in San Francisco, from March to May 2017.

During the fellowship, I explored how we can create a need for news by igniting curiosity and encouraging exploration, and how we can tell stories that create emotional understanding and empathy.

I set out my case for why these are important questions in this post, and summarised my thoughts and findings here.

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A list of articles, books, videos and podcasts that I find myself returning to over and over again. They have shaped how I think about my work.

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Robin went to prison once … to interview the disgraced former president of Taiwan.

That wasn’t nearly as scary as the time he accidentally locked himself in the bathroom of an Airbnb in Athens.

Robin’s life has taken him to some pretty unexpected places, but it’s not the places that interest him as much as the people he meets and the stories they have to tell. As Head of Digital Delivery at the Financial Times, Robin is constantly looking for new ways to tell stories.

Figuring that out has meant learning how to code, how to design, and how to be the best scrum master journalism has ever seen.

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