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AltMBA Grids and Gestures

I have been doing Seth Godin’s altMBA for the last four weeks. I have also been using Nick Sousanis’s Grids & Gestures exercise to keep a visual journal of that time.

Briefly, the exercise is:

  1. Carve up a page in some grid-esque fashion (I’ve been using grid-like things I’ve found in my house)
  2. Inhabit these spaces you’ve drawn on the page with lines, marks, or gestures that represent your day
  3. The marks you make and spaces you leave blank should be intentional. They should all mean something.
  4. Do not draw things
  5. When you’re done, take a photo and tweet it with the #gridsgestures hashtag

Here are my grids for the past four weeks, in chronological order:

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