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A list of recent newsgames

Updated 8 December 2020

I’ve written previously about how games can help journalism find new ways to make people care about the news beyond the personal relevance and utility of information. I’ve been keeping an eye out for examples of newsgames ever since we started making The Uber Game in early 2017, and am really glad to see this becoming an ever-widening field with examples from both newsrooms, game studios and other places.

This proliferation means that the boundaries between what is a newsgames, simulations, interactive explanation and interactive fiction is becoming increasingly blurred. And that, I think, is a good thing.

Paul Bradshaw has a nice pinboard list, and Ian Bogost’s book, Newsgames, give a comprehensive overview.

But in any case, here’s the list I compiled. Apologies in advance for any I have missed, and please let me know about any omissions @robinkwong on Twitter!

I’ve also put together a ‘Deep Dive’ on Refind that’s meant to be a guided introduction to newsgames and their role in journalism. Check it out!

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